Who Are We?

A bunch of folks who LOVE our hobby.  We are folks from all walks of life: private sector, government workers, contractors, and just about any other kind of job vocation you can think of!  Our common bond is - we have a great hobby to share with each other!

We have members who like Revolutionary War figures, Civil War figures, Worls War I and World War II figures, Vietnam War figures, Desert Storm figures, modern combat figures, SWAT and Police/Emergency-related figures, Vintage Hasbro (original painted head and Adventure Team), Vintage Marx, Science Fiction, and just about any other kind of figure you can think of!

We have members who collect just Vintage GI Joes and members who will collect anything and members who specialize on something in-between.

How Often Do We Meet?

We try to meet once a month, but holidays can change those plans sometimes.  Generally, we will meet on a Sunday, but Saturdays are CERTAINLY not off limits - we will decide at each meeting when we think the next meeting should be held .  We try to to setup meetings so EVERYONE can attend, but sometimes that is just not possible.  But we do try to meet folks' schedules!

What Do We Do When We Meet?

We do all sorts of different things when we meet, based on what the host wants to do and what people at the meeting want to do.  Often, it starts out as a session where we examine the host's collection, the host describes the collection, and we get to compare notes with similar pieces we have.  We usually have a swap meet as well - bring your figures or bring cash - both are welcome.  Last, we will often have a diorama (sometimes the host will do some major prep work if it is needed or fits in with something else they are working on.)  We always get some great photos - bring your cameras!