Our visit to ....

Joe-Lanta 2003

March 30,2003

We piled in the car and headed south .... to Atlanta, Georgia for the Joe-Lanta convention.

And let us tell you - Lanny and company throw a GREAT show!

Below are some pictures of our table and some of the folks who were there as well as some of the cool displays!

Here are three of the four of us: Curtis, Jamie, and Steve.  Brian is taking the picture.
This was the show diorama put on by Lanny and company.  WOW!  Unbelievable - it is a castle of knights under siege by an army of skeleton warriors.  Truly incredible!
Another great shot of the castle siege!
Even the back had a LOT going on (notice the  underground torture chamber at the bottom of the picture.)
Jamie's custom armored car diorama entry (Sdkfz 234/4).
Brian's custom Desert Rats jeep.
One of the custom figures was a piper using Brian's custom bagpipes.
And finally ... many thanks to Lanny for a GREAT show!  We hope to go back and represent the NoVA Joe club next year!