Joe-Lanta 2008

Curtis and Brian attended from the NoVA Joe club.

Curtis is ready to go!  "GI JOe - US Air Force reporting for duty!"

Curtis was a big hit with his Air Force uniform ... there was a also a Navy Shore Patrol Joe on duty, protecting the sales floor and demonstration rooms!

Picture of the sales floor - that is Greg Brown on the right in the Cotswold booth.

Another view of the sales floor .....

And another view of the floor.

And yet a final view of the floor.

One of the dealer booths - these folks were great (as were all the dealers - very helpful in finding those elusive items and always willing to discuss prices.

Dean Morrison at his table.

This custom Tiger tank was truly incredible!  The detail inside and outside are absolutely amazing and the pictures just do not give it justice.

Just like the Tiger - this German halftrack is truly incredible!  The detailing on the inside was great - take a look at the following pictures ...

I thought the picture of the driver's family member was an incredible touch.  You can tell a lot of care and research went into this.

A great job on this jeep!  The dog in the driver's seat was a nice touch.

Great job on this desert Hummer!

And in charge of setting up the diorama/vehicle contest entries and collating the votes was Dave "Tanker"!  Great job Dave!

As always, the Atlanta Joe Club did a HUGE diorama.  And this one was right in the middle of the sales floor.
As always - incredible!

I liked the mix of normal elements with the supernatural.

Oh oh - there's-a hangin' about to take place!

"Ok ... I'll let you have the horses cheat.  Real cheap."
Is that horse in back grinning???  Hmmmm.

"Been here long?"

Ok ... that guy in back ... doesn't he look like the Creeper from "Jeepers Creepers"?

Oh no!  They are hangin' Joe!

Oh oh ....

As always ... there was a lower level to the diorama.  "Mine those jewels human or you will become one of us!"