Breakout At Bastogne              

A 1:6th Scale Commemoration
May 30, 2004

On May 30, 2004, The Loudon County Parks and Recreation organization and the Northern Virginia GI Joe Club sponsored The "Breakout at Bastogne" diorama.

When all was said and done, we had over 125 vehicle and over 700 figures!  We even had a retired Senator give the opening speach and one of our participants "annoint" the field with earth brought back from the Bastogne area.

If you would like to see more pictures of this event, check out the Sixth Division EZBoard Discussion list.  By the way, some of the names of people mentioned in this page are actually their Sixth Division handles.

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You can also read the FRONT PAGE story in the Loudon Times-Mirror.  If the new paper has taken the article down from their web site, you can check out our copy here.

Ed's Callioppee Sherman Here is one of the incredible Sherman's brought to the event (by One Sixth Board Member Sgt. Rock)  This looked like it could do some VERY serious damage!
Patton talking with his commanders Ok, so George cannot resisit a little publicity.  He even brought his film crew with him to film this monumentous event!
Patton's film crew captures the historic day Here is the film crew capturing the advance of the relief column.  Some truly incredible work on that camera!
Tank recovery vehicle No need to worry about breakdowns on the field ... we can get them off again with this converted Sherman Tank Recovery vehicle.
Destroyed Stuart This Stuart is done.
Detailed Hasbro M-8 Here is a converted Hasbro M-8 leading the recon patrol.
Custom M-20 Here is a custom M-20 from the advance recon patrol.
Patton's main column approaches form the South Here is Patton's Main column approaching from the South.  In the foreground is a detailed DeSimone Sherman provided by Earl, or Loudon County Parks host for the event.  Earl actually provided two of these Shermans and a great deal of Patton's main column (125+ figures mounted!)
Stuart with infantry Here is a Stuart bringing lots of reinforcements for the besieged town.
Firefly Shermans Leading the column are two Firefly Shermans -  giving the US armor a better chance against the German armor.
Any help we can get We'll take any help we can get pushing the German forces back.
75mm gun Here is the outskirts of town, defended with a custom 75mm artillery piece.  This is the Hasbro Haltrack 75mm mounted on the Hasbro 37mm gun carriage with SOTW Jeep tires and custom shield.
Chaplain Giving last rights to a dying soldier.
It IS hard keeping oneself warm! Trying to stay warm.  Not easy to do in 1944 Bastogne.
The Tigers advance The Tigers close in on Bastogne ...
More Tigers ... where is Patton's column?  Abner Spudner's Tiger takes aim at Bastogne ...
Germans approach The Germans are massed and approach Bastogne.
German recon patrol A German recon patrol prepares to go out and probe for the American positions.
German mobile soup kitchen An army must still eat!  German soup kitchen courtesy of Saleo!
Advancing column German column advances towards Bastogne.  The German Army relied a LOT on horses during World War II.  One of the "secret weapons" of the allies was their highly mechanized infantry - something the Germans could not match.
Taking aim Ready ... Aim ...
The road is blocked The column approaches Bastogne ...
German Field HQ German Field HQ takes in the situation and plots a response to Patton's advancing army ...
German field commanders German officers direct the action in person