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2002 GI Joe Convention

Norfolk, Virginia

Below are some pictures of the dioramas and custom figures our club entered at the 2002 convention.  You will also find one or two surprises :-)

NoVA Joe GI Joe Club Entry This is the entry from the NoVA Joe GI Joe Club.

We called this "Legacy of Valor: 1776 - September 11, 2001".

All figures in this diorama are of Hasbro origin.  The scene depicts D-Day, June 6, 1944.  The spirit of a dead US GI is about to join the long, proud line of men and women who have, who are, and who will give their lives protecting our country.

The figures from left to right are: minuteman, Civil War (Union), Spanish-American War (one of Teddy Roosevelt's Rough Riders), WW I Doughboy, Korean War (Vintage GI Joe), Vietnam War (African American Nurse), Desert Storm, New York City Fire Department.

Modified Hasbro Halftrack Jamie submitted this custom piece.  He scratch built the AA gun (do the guns look familiar?  Think Pearl Harbor ...). he scratch built the front windshield complex (all halftracks EXCEPT the howitzer model Hasbro did had the windshields fold UP.  Jamie built the correct windshield.), the gas can arrangement, and the interior of the halftrack.

This piece was modelled after the photo visible to the left (and yes, after repainting, Jamie put the same number on the 1:6 halftrack that was on the halftrack in the picture.)

Hasbro M-8 Armored Car This is Hasbro's M-8 armored car.  Check out Brian's web site soon - he will have a lot of detail on this.

Basically, the car has been completely weathered outside and had the interior fairly completely built up.  The Machine gun, tow chains, real tow rope, turret cover, tool box on the front, ammo boxes on the side, and stowed luggage were all built and added to the car.

Basically, Brian did this to point out to people that the M-8 was NOT a toy - you COULD make it look REAL nice!

The diorama is a blown up building made of styrofoam (walls and first layer of rubble), cat litter (top layer of rubble), and over 250 pop sickle sticks cut, glued, and stained to represent the wood floor.

Island Hopper Figure

This is Jamie's Custom Figure Contest entry.

Slim Pickins Lives!!!!

This is the Arizona Memorial Figure Brian got from Cotswold.  He is imitating Slim Pickins from "Dr. Strangelove (Or How I Learned to Love The Bomb)" as he rides a shell from the Wisconsin's 16" guns!