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2007 GI Joe Convention

Atlanta, Georgia

This year's convention focused on the 3-3/4" figures - but there was still plenty to see and do for the 12" folks.

Brian and Jamie represented the NoVA Joe Club in Atlanta.

Barry Pippin

The show room floor was a liitle smaller than we were used to in prior years - butt here were still some great items and - of course - old friends!

Here is Barry Pippin - only HE can look good with a dead animal hanging around his waist :-)

This diorama was made using the Convention Set - and it really looked very cool!

The neat display stands the white sea sled is on were for sale and Brian picked up several for displaying sea sleds, etc.

Another diorama using the prior year's convention set pieces - those bears look mean!

And still another diorama - good old Jabba The Hut!  And Robby and the good old reliable B-9!
A closeup of the robots and their machines!
Waiting to get into the main display room.
The first day, the Collector's Club put some mats out that people could take.  Unfortunately, I was not quick enough to grab one :-(
There were a fair amount of dealers - a LOT of the 3-3/4" figures (being this WAS the 25th anniversary).  But there were still a fair number of 12" dealers and good bargains to be found.
Another view of the sales floor.
The "Do You Know Joe?" trivia game was a lot of fun.