Artillery and Infantry Emplacement

The German artillery and infantry setup a commanding position on a hill,
overlooking the sleepy French town below.  They deploy their PAK-40s
and 15cm Nebelwerfer rocket gun - preparing to rudely awaken the
sleeping Allied forces below.

Their invading infantry prepares to support the armored assault on their
Western flank.


The attack begins - once the Allies know they are there, the Germans
begin to take heavy fire ...


... and the casualties begin to mount.


The German commanders stand their ground ... standing over their men ...
inspiring them to fight on.  The "Iron Wolf" and his wolf-hound
along with the "The Mad Colonel" stand over their men -
the elite Storm Troopers of the "Wolf Pack."  They know their
nemesis - Sgt Rock and the Men of Easy Company - are in the
town below.  "TODAY!  TODAY!  They die - once and for all!!!!"


The "Wolf Pack" prepares to atack!  The machine gunners lay down a hail of
deadly fire in preparation for the infantry attack.


The artillery lays on a deadly barage of fire ...


... while the mounted infantry prepares for the attack down the hill!


The screaming of the Nebelwerfer's rockets deaparting for the town fill the air.
6 deadly rockets at once rain a hail of death and destruction down on the town.
Surely, no one can survive this onslaught?


The PAK-40s fire at the American and British armor until their barrels
begin to over-heat. How much more can the Allies take?