Crossing The River

The German's cross the river to the South-West of the town.  Their combat engineers
quickly remove the American-set explosives from the bridge - allowing their
soft-skinned vehicles, cavalry, and infantry to take over the emplacements
on the Allied side of the bridge and advance on the town.


Crack of dawn - nothing stirs. No birds.  No wind.  There is a slight, gentle
"shush, shush, shush" sound in the in the air.  An occasional "snip" - an
occasional "floosh" as something drops in the  water.  

The German demolitions engineers remove the Allied charges
from the bridge - the advance can begin!


The German column begins to come across the bridge .... cavalry first -
then the soft skinned vehicles.


German MPs take up position at the captured guard post ...


... and bunker.


The Germans come across the bridge undetected ...


... and across the river in their amphibious Schwimwagon.