Armored Column Attacks from the
NorthWest Over The Hill


The roar of the diesel-fed power plants echos through the valley down
to the town.

Suddenly, cresting over the hill is the German armored column ...


In front is the monster - the Tiger!  A mechanized monster
rolling over everything in its path.


Behind the Tiger is the Panther - one of the deadliest tanks of the
War - ready to roll into the town and crush the Allied forces between
the armored column and the light column approaching from the south.


The German wave approaches the town ...


The only thing that may halt them is the massed American artillery and
the brave bazooka gunners hidden in the Village's vinyard.


The German support column brings up the rear with supplies ...


... and supporting infantry.


And still more support troops - and yes - a mobile field
kitchen. It is true that an army moves on its stomach!


The commanders pause - but only momentarily - to plan
the final attack.


The atack rolls on!


The town is under bombardment from the German armor!

Yes ... we REALLY ARE shooting rockets at the town ... bottle
rockets from inside the gun barrels.  The yellow circle in front of the
muzzle indicates the actual rocket headed for the town.  The yellow
circles to the right are embers that flew out of the muzzle!