Manor House Defense - Southern Approach

The US forces rush to the Southern approach to the town to defend it against the Germans
pouring across the bridge.  Can they keep them away from the ammo and fuel dump at the
manor house?  can they keep them out of the town?


Allied forces rush to defend the manor house ammo dump.


Troops take up positions in front of the house ...


... quickly leaping into the foxholes they had previously dug ...


... they begin taking heavy fire but they return in kind ...


... the heavy German fire begins to take its tole on men ...


... and machine.


The Priest begins to administer last rites while the bullets fly around him.



Soldiers man the Anti-Aircraft guns and rain .50 calibre fire down
on the advancing German forces.


"Must not let them get the ammo dump!!!!"


As the American front begins to bend and flex, the motorized cavalry arrives.
But is it enough and is it in time?