Artillery and Troop Reinforcement

To counter the threat of the advancing German armor, the American forces
begin hammering the hill with artillery shells from their 105mm howitzers.

In the meantime, additional support arrives in the form of
reserves called up from the South-east section of the town.


An artillery crew rams home another shell as fast
as they can.  Soon, this whistling death will be
screaming towards the German armored column.


The artillery keeps hurling the deadly projectiles
at the German armored column until the crews are
blinded by smoke and the barrels are read hot!


Reinforcements arrive to help push back the German's
crossing the bridge to the south.

In the meantime, the artillery battery puts up a non-stop
barrage onto the hill to the North, slowing the German
armored spearhead.


A mixed bag really - hardened, battle-savy vets - and new timers.
Each man alone with his thoughts though his buddy is right next to him.  
Each knows this may be his last fight.  

And yet, they wait to be thrown into the battle ...