Church and Vineyard Defense

The Allies rush to the Northern end of town - throwing most of their anti-tank guns
and heavy armor against the German onslaught.


"Bring the armor up!  NOPW!!!!"


The armor deploys between the church and the barn ... hoping to
mass enough firepower to drive the German atack off.


The infantry rushes up to the vineyard and the church - this is the
northen-most part of the town ... they HAVE to keep the German's out!


The Americans plant several bazooka teams in the vineyard.

Vintage ambush!


Looking down the barrel of a Sherman - the enemy is ever closer!


"Load up another shell!!!!!!!"


Although useless against the likes of a Tiger or a Panther,
The bazooka is VERY useful against soft-skinned vehicles.

Prepare to scratch one German halftrack!


Infantry supporting the bazooka teams hope to hold off the
German infantry and give the bazooka teams time to take out the
lighter tanks and soft-skinned vehicles.


Their mates dying around them, the bazooka teams pour it on!


And still more fall.


Even though the American forces lay a heavy fire on the hill,
they take incredible casualities.


Can even Audey Murphy save the day?