Marshy Area Defense

Initially unbeknown to the German's, the American's deployed a small
ambush force in the marshy area. Unfortunately, after their first shots
harmlessly bounced off the German heavy armor and fell near (but not in)
the German artillery position on the hill, the area took heavy casualties from
advancing Wermacht war machine.


The German artillery takes a near miss!
"Gott In Himmel!" Where did that come from????!!!


A shell bounces harmlessly off the Tiger ... and exposes the
American position to the German gunners!


The German artillery battery opens up on the American tank
position hidden in the Marshy area ...


A direct hit on the turret area shatters the American tank ... igniting
the ammunition cached within.


Moments after the shelling, the position is silent save for the
cries of the wounded ... "Medic!  Medic!"