2003 North Carolina Action Figure Show

On February 20, 2003,  4 brave adventurers (Curtis, Jamie, Steve, and Brian) began the great trek from the snowy frozen tundra of Northern Virginia to the warm, wet climate of Cornelius, North Carolina.

This, is their story ......

The Holy Grail Here it is ... the reason we went to the North Carolina Action Figure Show.  The Holy Grail - Viper Sherman tank.

This was being given away as a door prize!  Would we win it?

This is a very cool tank - made out of cast resin - it weighs a LOT (Steve has one and thinks it weighs around 50-60 lbs.)

Now, compare the Sherman to the Field Of Armor Tiger I tank.

This has to be the coolest, most innovative vehicle construction I have ever seen.  The bulk of the body and turret are made of ... poured styrofoam!  Key pieces (hinges, skirt extensions, barrel assembly, road wheels are made of resin.  The tracks are a high grade soft plastic or hard rubber (not sure which.)  Cost is about $5.00.  Both turret hatches and the driver and gunner hatches open.  The engine compartment opens as does the emergency escape hatch on the turret and the two stowage boxes on he back of the turret.

All in all, this weigh maybe 15-20 lbs (you can pick up the turret with one hand.)

Field of Armor Tiger
Field of Armor Tiger I Here, Steve is admiring the Tiger (ok, ok ... he is lusting after it!) "Now, if I get rid of my sofa and TV ... I should have room!!!!!")

This is one LARGE vehicle!  I am not an expert so cannot say if it is to scale .. but it must be darn close!  This thing is HUGE.  I figure it would have easily been over 100lbs if made of resin.

Here is another of the Viper Tiger I tanks, covered with Zimmerat anti-magnetic coating and the later war tan camo color scheme.

This was part of an absolutely incredible diorama display at this show.  There were only 4 or so dealers - not a lot (especially after driving over 300 miles!)  But to be honest - I think we all felt it was worthwhile just to see the incredible dioramas and contest entries.

Viper Tiger
Here is the entire diorama with the Tiger I on top of an incredible bridge.

On top of the bridge is the Field of Armor Tiger tank.  Notice how many figures FIT ON the tank.

In front of the tank is a custom made German halftrack, various figures, and 2 21st Century German motorcycles w/sidecars.

Under the bridge are two of the new 21st Century German Assault rafts.  The rafts are made of a rubbery, sponge material, so they have the look and feel of being inflated rubber (nice idea, 21st!)  One of the vendors had one for sale, and it was $55.00.  I can't say I feel it is worth THAT much, but it looks to be the only game in town for German Assault Rafts.

Another picture of the Tiger I by Field of Armor. Tiger I on Bridge
SDKFZ Halftrack Here is a view of the custom halftrack.  Very nice job!
Here it is ... the 21st Century Toys PAK 40!  What an incredible piece!  his was sitting on the table with the box behind it and the interior packages on under the table.

This comes with 4 rounds and a round box (very cool looking stowage).  Lots f stuff moves on this ... the breech lock, the assemblies for towing and firing, the gun moves left/right and up/down.  Comes with a lower blast shield in front and a removable shovel.  A truly incredible piece!  One of 21st Centuries best products ever!

Brian pre-ordered one at KBToys for $59.99- can you beat that price????

21st Century PAK-40
21st Century PAK 40 here is a full size shot - you can see the storage container for the rounds by the right-most soldier
Cool diorama of house-to-house street fighting in Russian Town. Russian Dio 1
Landing Craft Landing craft.
Great diorama of Russians taking a German town. Taking a German Town
Raising the Flag
Rest time. Rest time
Steve's Figure - Airborne       Jamie's Figure - Island Hopper Two of the contest figures our club entered.

On the left is Steve's Airborne figure.

On the right is Jamie's "Island Hopper" figure.