September 2001 - Brian's House  

Here is the M-8 Armored Car from Hasbro.  This is the $39.99 version available from Boscovs (yes, I drove from Northern VA up to Camp Hill, PA to get this!)

I personally feel this is a FANTASTIC vehicle.  It is a little small ... you need to get a little creative to make it work.

Here is what I did: the two drivers are actually SOTW Formative figures I have removed the entire lower torso from.  I did the same with the gunner.  This makes them appear lower in the vehicle and gives the vehicle a larger feel.  

In the background you can see a burned out building.  Matthew donated these to us to use for the diorama- thank you very much Matthew!  These houses REALLY helped make the diorama interesting!

Here is Matthew's shot-to-heck Kubelwagon.  You can't really see it, but he did a great job putting bullet holes in the windshield.

Behind the Kubelwagon you will see my 101st Airborne Chaplain.  There is a close up of him a little later.

Here is - of course- the Stuart.  I mounted a 21st Century .30 cal (with an attached ammo box) where the cheesy one went.  This gun was not usually meant for the tanker to fire but rather a mounted infantryman - so there is an infantryman on the back of the tank.

The tanker outfits are a mix of the 21st Century Tankers and the SOTW Formative Tankers.

Peek-a-boo.  "I see you schwinehund!"
Loading up and siting for the kill.  Those soft-skinned vehicles are SO easy to kill.
Peek-a-boo too!!!  Lining the enemy up for a quick shot.
Here is my custom chaplain.  

I painted the cross on the helmet.

There is a cross on the chain around his neck. I made the rosary beads (and they have a cross on them as well.)

The Bible is from Michaels.  The color is a piece of strip plastic glued around his neck.

Here is another view of a different Stuart.  You can see a flame gunner at the foot of the tank.
About to use a little hand-held artillery.
Side view of the Stuart.
Two -two- two times as much fun!