November 2005 - Brian's House  

Brian's Joe room
Setting up the diorama ... looks like one of the real "action figures" is laying down on the job!  
The Gate Keeper welcomes you into the House of Horrors!
"But Daphne!  There IS something behind you!"
"Oh Freddy - you are ALWAYS saying that!"

"Now ... WHERE DID that bone gone!  It was here a second ago!!"
And Jason stabbed Buffy who stabbed the ghoul who stabbed Shaggy ... this game of "train" is getting WAY out of hand!
"Everyone together now ... one ... two ... three ... STAB!"
"Man ... I HATE women who can't take their booze!  One drink and she's out like a light! B-O-R-I-N-G date!!!  Where's Frankie's bride when I need her?"
"Wait! I don't think you've taken a breath mint, have you?"
The House of Horrors has an ... interesting ... front yard!
"I will turn on the Time Konfabulator and we will all be back to normal.  Really.  Or ... we'll get real dizzy from watching the pretty spinning lights.  What can I say ... it works differently for different people!"

Merry Christmas everyone and a Joyous New year from