September 2003 - Greg's House  

The patrol boat makes its way down the Mae Kong river.  

"Captain!" shouts the lookout "Enemy activity on the far bank!"

The Viet Cong and NVA await to spring their trap!
The VC even have some armor support from their NVA allies.
The VC do not notice that they have set their trap up across the river from an old French plantation.  Which is now a US Army base!

The lookouts notice motion across the river. "VC" they shout as one!  And the fire fight is on!

The US artillery opens up!
Both sides take casualties - but the US mortars and artillery take their toll.  Within minutes ...
The Viet Cong are wiped out.  
And the patrol boat motors by ... on its way up the river to take part in its battle against the enemy.