Meeting at Jamie's March 2002

Here are the 1:6 Weekend Warriors about to wrap up their training.  The soldier who performed the best on the marksmanship course gets the honor this weekend - he gets to fire the practice TOW round!

First ... a meeting to setup the firing solution.

Security is tight!

"Stop!  No pictures!"

"Ah shucks corporal ... your picture will appear in Stars and Five Star Bars!"

"Really ..... ok .... how is this pose?"

"All right Lieutenant ... let's calculate this correctly THIS TIME!  Last month, you messed up the coordinates so bad we wound up blowing up a little old ladies outhouse!"

"But Captain!  It wasn't MY FAULT!  Private Screwup sneezed and screwed up the laser sighting!"

The command and control person receives the coordinates for the firing and relays them to this month's lucky candidate - PFC Crosseyes.
PFC Crosseyes readies the TOW and fires the missile!
Oops. There went that old lady's outhouse ... AGAIN!

Quick ... stow the gear and let's get out of here!

(Wonder what we will get to shoot at next month?)