September 2005 - Jamie's House  

The Southern advance force approaches.
The Union Approaches from the opposite direction.

"We're in for a scrap today boys!" shouts their Colonel.

The battle is engaged.  Shots ring out across both sides as smoke begins to waft across the battlefield.

Lee and his generals look on.

All Lee can say is "It's in God's hands now.  It's in God's hands."

"Give 'em a taste of Hell boys!  Pour it on!" rejoins the Union commander!

The fierce battle rages on ... volley after volley until the acrid smoke fills the soldiers lungs,
tearing their eyes, partially obscuring the horror that is the battlefield.

The South takes casualties - but still they fight on.
And still the troops come to add their weight to the violent struggle.
The South fights valiantly against increasingly overwhelming odds.  They have taken their share this autumn day .. but they have given in return.  

Still, there IS only so much a man can do.  A regiment can do.  And ultimately, and army can do.

Chamberlin exhorts his men onward "A final push boys!  A final push!  They are breaking ... A FINAL PUSH!!!"
"We must retire sir ... the battle is lost for today."

"Yes .. but not the war ... but not the war ...yet."

The battle is won.  The battlefield is clearing.  Time to reform ranks and follow the retreating Southerners to ready the next engagement!