"Roads To Moscow"      

"They crossed over the border the hour before dawn
Moving in lines through the day
Most of our planes were destroyed on the ground where they lay

Waiting for orders we held in the wood
Word from the front never came
By evening the sound of the gunfire was miles away

How softly we moved through the shadows slipped away through the trees
Crossing their lines and the mists and the fields on our hands and our knees
And now that I ever was able to see
The fire in the air glowing red, silhouetting the smoke on the breeze

All summer they drove us back through the Ukraine
Smolensk and Vyazma soon fell
By autumn we stood with our backs to the town of Orel"

A small squad of Soviets stand between a recon group of German armor and other vehicles and a small town in the Ukraine.

Note the custom built M1910 Maxim machine gun, mounted on its anti-aircraft legs.

For more on this custom piece, see Brian's web site.

Two mounted Cossack Cavalry riders will act as decoys - trying to lure the German patrol into their ambush.
The German armor roles down the dirt road leading towards the village.
The Panzer Mark IV rolls past some of the houses on the outskirts of the village ....
The cavalry wheels and darts past the hidden Russian squad - the German patrol bites - and persues!
The Russian squad opens fire, with small arms, their heavy machine gun, and their truck mounted 37mm gun!

The Germans retaliate - loosing the powerful firepower of their cannons and machine guns.

The Soviet squad immediately begins to take casualities ... the Captain hovers over the body of the fallen woman sniper, trying to provide a human shield while the medic rushes to her aide .....
... but the withering fire the Germans lay down takes its toll on the brave Soviet fighters.  Their last chance at stopping this German jugernaut lays in the hands of the Maxim machine gunner and the lone Molotov cocktail in their possession ...
The German tanks roll on, spewing fire and death from their cannons like some ancient, mechanical beast told in some childhood horror story ...
Nothing survives the German onslaught ...
... nothing.
The Germans pause only long enough to make sure there are no survivors ... and move on to add this village to their conquests,  Will they be stopped?  CAN they be stopped?  Or is Moscow doomed - and with it - the Soviet Union.  And perhaps - the world?
The victorious German High Command gloats over their victory!
While the Soviet Politburo analyzes the disaster and tries to prevent it from happening again.