July 2002 Matthew's House

Attack on the Artillery Emplacement

At this month's meeting, we had some special guests - Charles Bury and his son!  Others brought their children along (Jaimee and Kurt) and this made for a real fun time for all.  This was also probably the best meeting we ever had for trading.

The artillery battery is ready to fire .... all of the pieces are in place, communications set up, and the front defended.  

The order comes down from HQ ...

"Commence firing!"

The barrage begins ... the soldiers reloading as fast as they can!
Round after round is fired into the enemy positions!  The din of the guns is deafening.

So much so in fact, that the artillery company does not hear the approaching Germans until it is almost too late.  Luckily, the cavalry unit in the M-8 spots them and begins laying down fire while the rest of the soldiers prepare their defense.

The 37mm gun is fired at the enemy to try and slow them down!  To buy some time!
The German armor rolls towards the artillery company.  
But the return fire is withering.  The cavalry unit begins to drive the German forces back ...
... even as the battle hardened Panzer Grenadiers move up.
The back of the German attack is broken as the anti-aircraft halftrack lowers its quad-50s and begins pouring a lethal volley of lead into the dismounted infantry.

The German atack is over - the company saved.

However, the Americans have beaten back the attack and paid for the victory with blood.