October 2000  Matthews House

We had a lot of fun setting this one up!  Check out the incredible building Matthew created!

Getting the yard ready for battle.  Matthew built these houses, trees, and vineyard to easily dismantle and store flat.   Very cool idea!
The Americans roll into town - another town the Germans have obviously abandoned.
The infantry moves up through the vineyard.

Shots ring out!

"Where did they come from?" screams the Captain over the din of the onrushing armored column.

"Zemanski and Williams - check out that house and have a look around!"

"The house is empty Captain!"

"But you are NOT going to believe this ...."

"It looks like we arrived smack dab in the middle of a German armored recon patrol Captain!"

Now the Captain has to pause ... does he have the firepower to hold off a heavily armed recon patrol?

"And they look real serious about taking this town back!"

The Captain really has only one thought "Ok ... we can't get to Berlin if we retreat back to Normandy ... guess it is time to earn our pay today."

The Captain barks the only order he knew he could give "Deploy the unit and the armor ... let's take this town!"

The Germans bring up their recon infantry ... but they meet withering fire from the deployed American group.

Suffering casualties, the Germans bring up their armor - the Panzer IVs!  It will be interesting to see how the smaller, nimble Stuart holds up to this mechanized brute!