September 2008 - Paul's House

Belloq and his henchman (and henchwoman :-) have opened the Ark ...
... they discard the Ark's lid in a trailer with their other plunder - not realizing what they are about to unleash!
Meanwhile, the cowardly Nazi leaders beat a hasty escape!
Indy and Marion are held captive by Belloc's Nazi cronies ...
... and the treacherous Cairo swordsmen!
With their giant, razor-sharp swords, the Swordsmen stand watch over Belloc's prisoners.
"You have annoyed us for the last time, Jones.  After we have seen the riches in the Ark, you and your woman shall die!"
"Look away from the Ark, Marion!  LOOK AWAY!!"
Marion whispers in Indy's ear "I love you."

"I know" replies Indy.

"Wait!" an annoyed Marion says. "You said that in the last movie - to ANOTHER woman!  And I don't care if she was a princess!"

"Oh." is Indy's simple response.

Indy seems to be smiling ... perhaps he has a plan for escaping from yet another impossible situation!
After escaping from Belloq's clutches, Indy leaves Marion at a safe location and meets up with his father, Henry Jones!
"We have to go to Berlin son.  That's where the diary is!"

And they are off on the next adventure!