This section contains review by various members of the club.  Each of us writes reviews of items we find interesting, so you never know WHAT will show up!

Item Date Review Picture


9/6/2003 The PowerTeam Tower is DEFINITELY a must have!  For only $30-$40 ($30 at BigLots, $35 at KB Outlet, $40 at Small Blue Planet), you can get one heck of a building.

The set comes with the tower, some weapons, one of the realy cool crates that PowerTeam also releases with one of their $14.99 SWAT sets, a working winch,  a net for the winch, a rope ladder, a working spotlight, one of their new Super-articulated figures, and some other accessories.

The blonde figure holding the binoculars comes with the set.  The other two figures are additional figures I bought.

Notice the beret on the african-american figure in the front of the tower.  It is flocked just like Dragon's!

The head sculpts they have now are VERY cool - look at the african-american, the winch operator, and the desert bdu-clad figure climbing the ladder.

9/6/2003 These are pretty cool little tools and should add some nice touches to your dioramas.

The interesting thing about these is - the really function!  The drill bit/chuck spins on the drill, the circular saw spins around, the jigsaw head goes up and down, and the buffer has the disc spin around.  Very cool!

They come with everything you need to make them work - screwdriver to put them together, battery to make them work, and a storage case to store them in.

There is a fifth one I did not get - it is a flashlight.  I didn't really need it :-)

Suggested retail is $3.74.

Action Toy Gear Zodiac-Type Raft 7/8/2002 This "toy" raft  is described and photographed in detail at www.actiontoygear .  The cost for the raft is 29.99 and let me tell you - it is worth every penny!  ActionToyGear has links on their site to vendors who sell the raft and they even have a mailing list you can join to learn about upcoming products (like the unbelievable German Assault Raft they are coming out with near the end of 2002.)

First, look at the size of the raft!  We had 5 Joes in it and had room for at least 3 more without too much crowding.  This raft will REALLY hold a lot of figures and gear.  And it is virtually unsinkable.

We used Jamie's swimming pool and let his son put it through its paces (I actually left the with Jamie - I have no where to make really good use of it and his some was having a BLAST with it!)

Jamie has told me his son has put the Mercury capsule in it (full of water) and the raft will not sink or loose air over time.

The raft is made of good thickness vinyl, so it should hold up well.  And if it doesn't, it even comes with an emergency repair kit!

The raft comes with 4 oars so you can have multiple figures paddling - or they can stow the oars on the side of the raft in the included oar holders.  There are also hard plastic grab handles molded into the raft so your figures can portage the raft over rough terrain and get it back into the water quickly!

When the day's rafting is done, you can deflate the raft and fold it (along with its oars) into the included storage bag.  And the bag is a small work of art itself!  very fine stitching and a zipper make this a well done, complete carrying bag!

To finish out the kit, the set comes with a working, 1:6 scale keychain spotlight (and this spotlight is NOT the cheapo one from the dollar stores.  To turn it on, you have to squeeze the trigger on the handle.)All in all, I would HIGHLY recommend this item!

And by the way, we saw Action Toy Gear at the 2002 GI Joe Convention in Norfolk, VA - they are getting ready to come out with a WW II German Assault raft - and boy does it look sharp!  It even comes with a stowage crate (made of real wood!)

          -- Review by Brian Cutler and the NoVA Joe GI Joe Club

Action Toy Gear Seal Raft