Past Meetings

October 2008 T's House

T showed off some incredible figures he has been building - including his "Mini-Me" project (T used to be in the Rangers).

September 2008 Paul's House

We all had (as usual) a great time at Paul's.  He has some incredible custom figures as well as an impressive vintage Joe collection.

We had our first diorama in a LONG time - Indiana Jones is back!

November 2005 Brian's House

Be prepared for a spooky great time!  This meeting was held the first weekend in November - what a great time for a Halloween Christmas diorama!!!!

September 2005 Jamie's House

Ok, we decided to depart from our normal WW II dioramas and do ... a Civil War diorama!

February 2005 Jamie's House

Time to celebrate in the French quarter!

November 2003 Brian's House

This is a WW II motor pool scene - we JUST got it up when it started to rain!

September 2003 Greg's House

We sail down the Mae Kong delta at Greg's house.

 June 2003 Jamie's House

This was the month for more Adventure Team adventures.

March 2003 Matt's House

Ok, we had a pretty cool meeting at Matt's house (again!)  This time, we started the first in
a series of our photostories - "Roads To Moscow".

October 2002 Brian's House

Great meeting (even though he weather was pretty cold and wet!).  Check out what
happened when an army of Mechs and outlaws attacks a terraforming colony on the

 July 2002 Matthew's House

This was one of the best meetings we have ever had!  We had a special guest (thanks
for coming Charles Bury!) and we had a very cool WWII Artillery Diorama.

June 2002 Jamie's House

Finally!  The finishing touches on the diorama!  You can see what it looked like at Norfolk
and some of our member's contest entries by clicking here.

We also got to play with the Action Toy Gear Raft.  Read our review here.

April 2002 Jamie's House

This meeting was pretty much spent working on the Club Diorama for the 2002
GI Joe Convention in Norfolk.  Click on the link to check out some "Under
Construction" photos.

March 2002 Jamie's House

We spent a fair amount of this meeting working on our diorama for the 2002 Convention.
In the process, we did find time to setup a diorama (heck - it is the weekend - time for the
1:6 Wekend Warriors to have their get together too!)

January 2002 Greg's House

We met at Greg's house around noon and left about 6:30!  Wow!  What a great time
we all had and a LOT of people showed up with some very cool stuff.

Steve brought some of the new Hot Toys and Dragon offerings (2 82nd Airborne figures
and the new Lee Marvin figure.  Wow does Lee look great!)

Brian brought the M-8 and Howitzer (heh - it really DOES tow it.)

Scott brought some of his GREAT custom creations (see link.)

September 2001 Brian's House

We met at Brian's house around 11:00 and broke up about 7:30.  One of the main
topics of conversation was - of course - the 9-11 horror.  That is probably why this
meeting ran a bit long.

We started rthe meeting out looking at Brian's collection - it had grown a bit since the
last meeting at his house.  We then talked about some of the upcoming releases and
some of the different projects we were each working on.  The next phase was the usual
swap meet - Steve brought a German Pak almost completed to show during the swap
meet - wow!  A great looking piece and it wasn't even done!

Finally, we ended with a European Theatre diorama with Matthew supplying the
great burned out buildings.  

June 2001 Jamie's House

We met at Jamie'shouse and got a chance to see his wonderful vintage collection.  
Always brings back memories to see the sets we had as kids!

We had some new members from Maryland and a surprise guest: Gladys Reed
was up visting her sister so she brought her sister on by!  Always great to see one
of the respected members of the Sandbox!

Take a look at the pictures form this meeting ... we did a vintage Adventure Team
movie.  And boy is it a blast from the past!  Remember .... The Creature From The
Black Lagoon?  Well, we did!

March 2001 Claude's House.

We met at Claude's house for theMarch meeting.  Mostly, we talked about
some of the newer figures coming out this year and who was going to attend
some of the upcoming shows (New York City in June.)

Jamie brought the New GI Joe Collector Club AT figure - wow!  That
brought back a lot of memories for all of us!

Jamie and Steve brought the new Sgt Rock collectible.  Very impressive,
but the price tag is still something that gives one reason to pause.

October 2000 Matthew's House

Matthew does wargaming - but not like you have ever seen it!  He ported his
hobby to the 1:6 scale world and boy did we have fun testing out his

Check out the pictures of the attack on a European Vineyard!

September 2000 Brian's House

The get together this time had a police/SWAT theme.

Check out the pictures and see who is making a guest appearance!